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Contact Lens Fitting and Training Information

1. The patient has to come in for a full exam with Refraction to determine the glasses prescription and get cleared to be able to wear Conacts

2. They return for the first time CL fitting where we (The Optometrist) choose the initial lens to use based on the full exam data.  We put the lenses on first so we can take an initial look at vision and fit of the contacts.

3. Once we're able to put the lenses on and take an initial look we do a training so they can learn to put the lenses in and take them out.  If they're able to do so proficiently at that time, we go over the care and wear schedule of the lenses.  We then give the patient the trial lenses to wear for about a week or so, so they can see how they would work in their normal life/wear time.

If they can't do it proficiently and safely, we have them return for further training sessions until they can get it in themselves.  Some patient ask to take the lenses home to practice on their own but unfortunately this is not an option.

4. The patient must then come back in a week or so for a CL check with the lenses in.  It is also required that the lenses be worn for 2-4 hours before the appointment.  At the CL check, they tell us how the lenses went, we check the fit again after the lenses have been on the eyes for a couple hours and fine tune the prescription.  If everything checks out, then we finalize the CL Rx and they can go ahead and order the lenses from our Optical Department or the supplier of their choice.

If something with the fit, comfort or the vision of the lenses isn't working properly, then we make other changes and have them come back for further follow-ups until we can get the proper lens for vision, comfort and fit before we finalize. 


A Few Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Contact Lens prescriptions are for a specific brand, curvature, and power which is why patients have to come in physically.  

  • Contact Lenses and glasses prescriptions are/can be different in power.  They don't translate exactly across.

So all in all, at minimum the patient will be coming in 3 times including the initial full exam for the full process.  Depending on how the training goes (which is patient dependent) and the checks go, there can be many more appointments if needed.

If you are interested in getting fitted for contacts contact us today.  One of our schedulers will gladly find an appointment that fits your schedule.  Wee look forward to seeing you.

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