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Here is a small list of insurance's that we are on:
  • Aetna PPO

  • Healthnet HMO/PPO

  • Blue Cross HMO, California Care

  • UniCare PPO

  • Blue Shield HMO*

  • Great West Life Ins. PPO Plan

  • UnitedHealth Care PPO/POS

  • Blue Shield PPO

  • New England Life Insurance PPO

  • Admar Network*

  • Blue Shield 65

  • The Guardian

  • PruCare

  • Principal Mutual PPO

  • Standard Vision Service Plan

  • Aetna MC

  • MIlls Peninsula Medical Group

  • Medicare

  • Aetna Select/Senior Choice*

  • Pacific Care HMO

For the most up-to-date information on our accepted health insurance plans

contact our office directly at 650-342-7474

Save time when visiting the office and download all your patient forms here
Please check your Medical Insurance if you want your Refraction covered. 
Most Medical Insurance does not cover Refractions*.
(*Eye examination for glasses.  They don't cover it because it is not considered a medical benefit) 
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